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Outpatient Detox

We offer the best detox program to minimize withdrawal symptoms and recurrent cravings. Through our medical detox program.

Medicated Assisted Treatment

Our medication-assisted treatment is the most sought out program to treat opioid use disorder. Safe and effective FDA-approved.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)/ Outpatient (OP)

Our cost-effective and easily accessible IOP/OP treatment center compliments the MAT.


By Piotr Rzymski
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"Chris is amazing! And, so is John 🙂 Thank you so much."
By Justin Johnson
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"The staff and support here is nothing short of the best, and the technology they’ve incorporated into their program is really raising the bar for"
By GegeIWest S
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"ChoicePoint is a changing the game when it comes to addiction treatment. So happy to have an organization changing the way."
By Tashira Spann-Wallace
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"Everything about ChoicePoint is great, including what they stand for. The dedication to help people like me and others that need it is beyond."

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